Prince Shakur is a Jamaican American writer, filmmaker, and activist based out of Ohio. He is currently a co-founder of Two Woke Minds, a Youtube Channel that centers the experiences of people of color in travel and activism. He has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Ohio University and is a board member for the People’s Justice League. His dedication to activism began during his final year at Ohio University with the uprising of the Black Lives Matter Movement when he organized hundreds of students on his campus for numerous protests in the name of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. From there, he became a boycott organizer for UNITE HERE Local 8, helped organize a campaign against gentrification in Seattle, participated in NUIT DEBOUT protests in Paris, spent a month protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, and interrupted a speech by Bill Clinton to criticize the 1994 Crime Bill. He is currently freelance writing for publications, like Teen Vogue and INTO, about social justice, LGBTQ awareness, and his experiences as a queer, person of color.

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